OPUS at a glance

OPUS took birth in the year 1999 with an aim to bring the ray of hope in the life of those who spends there moments in the prison of grief,lonlyness,torture,harassment,strandedness.OPUS came to the world with an vision for the upliftment of the mass of the socitey who are deprived from all sorts of livelihood opus is a burning son and a dazzling star for the destitute,prostitute,homeless people,prisoners children,sex worker children,child beggars,oldage people,beggars of the society, opus is the first voluntary organisation who works for red light area of the city for the betterment of the sex workers,opus is the first organisation who is working for the prisoner of children,sex worker children,child beggar More.

Legal Status

  • Registered under Indian Societies Act, 1860 in the year 1999
  • Registered under FCRA in the years 2010
  • Registered under Income Tax Act, U/s 12 (AA) and 80 (G)
  • Has its own PAN No.

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