Name- Sridhara Moharana
Past Address- Was lying on the footpath
Present Address-Bhimpur SUH, Ward no-62
Inheritance Quality- Aggressiveness
Physical Condition-Severe Mental Retarded
Past History- Was lying and begging on the footpath
After Mobilisation- Taken to SUH and taken to hospital for treatment and after 2 session of counselling he convinced to left begging.
Present Condition- Normal


  • Lying on the foot path
  • Collecting food from dustbins
  • begging on the road
  • Using Slangs


  • Homelessness
  • Mental retarded
  • Counselling
  • Self Help Training
  • Behaviour modification therapy
  • present condition

    • Able to perform his daily activities
    • Sociable


    Mr.Sridhara Moharana is a beneficiary staying at Bhimpur shelter home. At the time of rescuing he was showing complete maladaptive behaviour. He was used to speak only filthy and showing very violent behaviour. As per his statement that he was the founder of Konark temple & many more temples of Odisha. He recognises him as the architecture of Konark temple & while he was build the temple he felt down from the peak & got fractured in his leg. He is abandoned by his family after lost his mental balance and his family member not willing to take him back to his family.

    counselling history

    In the 1st session of counselling he could not ready to respond the counsellor. He started telling all filthy languages and was scolding to some names. In the 1st session He only convinced to stay at SUH. In the second session which was held after one week he was fond of SUH and the inmates ans staffs. with the love and affection of the staffs & inmates Mr. Sridhar Mohanarana could able to do his regular activities after 15 days of residing. But after 5 sessions of counselling He could able to talk normally could intake his food by his own & became social & calm. But some days he did stool at floor & the care taker & security guard washed it. But with the help of Counselling and sympathy, caring towards him now he is completely changed and become the kid for all members of SUH. He is not going for begging also. But if medical facilities can be provided in SUH then people like Sridhara Moharana Could able to get more privileges.