Name- Chittaranjan Das
Past Address- Ganganagar SUH
Present Address-Bhogarai, Balasore
Inheritance Quality- Aggressiveness
Physical Condition-ModerateMental Retarded
Past History- Was lying in the Station, Bhubaneswar
After Mobilisation- Taken to SUH and taken to hospital for treatment and after 4session of counselling he convinced to left begging & reintegrated to family
Present Condition- Normal


  • Lying on the foot path
  • Skin DiseaseMaladaptive Behaviour


  • Homelessness
  • Mental retarded
  • Counselling
  • Self Help Training
  • Behaviour modification therapy
  • present condition

    • Able to perform his daily activities
    • Sociable


    Mr.Chittaranjan Das was staying in Ganganagar SUH since 2 months. He was rescued from Mastercanteen Station before 2 Months. At the time of rescue he was suffering from severe skin disease. In the counselling session it was found that he is mentally retarded.

    counselling history

    In the 1st session of counselling he could not ready to respond the counsellor. In the 1st session He only convinced to stay at SUH. In the second session which was held after one week he was fond of SUH and the inmates ans staffs. with the love and affection of the staffs & inmates Mr. Chittaranjan Das could able to dspeak. In the end of 3rd session we got his address. After that we tried to contact his family. After 1 month we found his family. On d.t. 10-021-2017 his family member came to SUH and took him back to his family. Chittaranjan Das has only son and his family was facing a lot of problems in his absence. Chittaranjan Das his family expressed a great kindness and grateful ness to OPUS team.