Our mission

enabling the underprivilaged and marginalised communities for a dignified and qulitative life by promoting sustanable livelihood efficient mangement of human education and healthy life.OPUS is strong desire to provide a healthy and deginified life to the children of the weaker section of the socity who spends their days like garbage of the city,OPUSSIANS has decorated a real dream to give a address to the people who spends their life lying on the footpath in a prision of lonlyness and grief.

Rehabilitation of sex workers

OPUS is working for the rights and life of the sex workers of the state since 1999 OPUS is the first organisation who is working for the sex worker of the state.OPUS has taken all measures for their better life and future. OPUS has taken steps to linkage them with various GOVT. schemes,create awarness regarding safe sex,for their housing,health treatment,scope of employment,prevent minor girls to adopt this profesion counseling and therapies for the changing of their behaviour,education and better life for their children

Children as a part of OPUS

OPUS recues children from the footpath of the city while they spread their hand with a fear in their eyes for getting one ruppe coin from us,children who looks frightenly to the police with curoisity and tears at the time of arrest their mother by the police officer for their profession as a sexworkers,children from the police officer after hearing of the conviction for the crime commited by their parrents

Oldage people in the family of OPUS

OPUS has added oldage people as a important part of its family since more than one year opus has rescued those oldage person from different places of the city lying on the footpath in a waiting of the last moment of their life ,opus has rescued them and tried its best to fill rest days of their life with peace and prospority.with the team of opus they all living alife of hope and dignity. .

homeless people in the home of OPUS

OPUS is manageing shelter homes for the homeless people of the city since last one year during this period opus has rescued 80 beggers who were beging in the city and convenced 50 beggers to abandon begging forever.OPUS has able to return 20 homeless person to family through family reintegration process.now shelter homes became a home fo them.

Life skill training

OPUS has rescued homeless people who are begging on the city,destitute women who are fights with their soul for adopting prostitution to satisfiy their hunger and give them scope of employement to live a dignified life OPUS has taken steps to provide voter card,adhar card,bank account to the homeless people destitute, women&sexworkers of odisha


OPUS has mannaged a community care.centre for the people affected with HIV/AIDS. With a great support and care OPUS can be able to reap a seed of hope and prospority in the heart of those people who has left all the hope to live their rest life due to this deases.OPUS learnt them how to fight with HIV/AIDS and get victory on it.

Youth association of OPUS

OPUS has a youth team of more than 300 youths who are works voluntarily for the social developement activities.youth team of opus provide all sorts of cooperation to the people affected by the natural calamity. to undertake road safty programme.the team undertake different preventive measures for a clean and healthy enviroment.

With the great cooperation of the youth team opus generate awareness against women atricities,different activities for the self respect of the women.OPUS organises awareness camps in the various places of the cities to create awareness regarding various issues of th e society

Destitute Women

OPUS works for the destitute women.OPUS rescue the divorced women and destitute from adopting the prostitution forcefully and to take stapes for proper rehabilitation.OPUS take immidiate step and preventive measures against kidnaping,rape,sexual harassment&prostitution opus provides lifeskill training for their livelihood and rehabilitation..



  • To provide health and education facilities.
  • to extend all cooperation to the people affected by natural calamity.
  • To provide low cost house to the homeless.
  • psychosocial and economic developement of vulnerable section
  • Legalaid service in respect of physical and mental torture
  • undertake different activities for the prostitute free from exploitation
  • psycosocial developement of the vulnerable children
  • lifeskill training to the destitute women


"Nullam molestie aliquam diam at lacinia. Curabitur placerat nisl, nec bibendum enim laoreet non."

Abharani choudhury - secretary of our organisation