homeless people in the home of OPUS

Odisha Patita Udhar Samiti is operating & managing Shelter for Urban homeless at Bhimpur, Malisahi, Chandrasekharpur, Ashoknagar & Ganganagar. Shelter for urban homeless is a home for the homeless people. OPUS has rescued those homeless people from the foothpath,station.temples,pavements of the city. OPUS is able to convienced 60 beggars to abonden begging with the help of Counseling & scope of employement. OPUS has rescued 10 childbeggars & 30 destitute women who were begging in the city. OPUS has returned 20 homeless people to their family through family Reintigration Process. OPUS has taken steps to provide Unique ID,VoterCard,RSBY Card,Labour Card to the homeless people of the city who were completely homeless. OPUS has recuede 10 nos of mental retarded people , among those 5 nos of people are resing in the SUH with proper care and attention. OPUS has taken steps to create employement oppertunity the homeless people who were begging in the city, destitute women and unemployed homeless people. At present more than 200 homeless people are residing in the Shelter For Urban homess managed by Odisha Patita Udahar samiti.Shelter for Urabn Homless has changed its identity and created a new identity for irself now in the city is known as Smart Home In the Smart City. In the SUH presently more than 50 oldage persons are residing who were lying in the footh path ina very miserable condition and prying to God to bring the last day of their life very soon. OPUS team has rescued them from that vulnerable condition and taking care of them withb love,affection,kindness and now they are praying to allmighty that they want a next life with OPUS. OPUS has become a family for them who were lying in the foothapth as asck of garbage after abonded by their family.

Children as a part of OPUS

Odisha Patita Udhar Samiti is managing a children's home for the children in need of care and protection. Presently 30 children are residing who were rescued from the different places of the city. A male child of a sexworker becomes a broker & a female child becomes sexworkers from very eariler period of their age. Odisha Patita Udhar Samiti is managing a hostel for the children of prisoner's since 2003. Presently 60 children from 21 districts of the sates are residing in the hostel.


  • Childrens of sexworkers
  • Child Beggars
  • Children of Beggars
  • Children of Prisoners
  • Other neglected Children


  • Admission
  • Shelter
  • Fooding
  • Counseling
  • Health Checkup
  • Education
  • Co-Curricular Activities
  • Moral Education
  • Yoga & Physical Excersises
  • Exposures to different research Center
  • Recreation
  • Rehabilitation

Life Skill Training

OPUS has taken steps to provide scope of employment to the unemployed people who are destitute,prostitute,homeless,beggars. OPUS has provided scope of tailoring,auto driving,computer training,different jobs at different places. Now they are living theire life with full of dignity and peace. 60 begras has abonded beging after gettoing this employement oppertunity,more than 60 sexworkers has drawn back their step from this professing and living adignified life.

Rehabilitation Of Sexworkers

OPUS has been working for the welfare of sexworkers since 1999. MOre than 3000 sexworkers have identified by OPUS for whom OPUS is working since a long time. OPUS is getting funds from OSACS only for 700 Sexworkers but wring for more than 2000 sexworkers from donations,public collections. With hard work and dediaction OPUS could be able to become an important part for them who spend their life in the darkness of ignorance, prejudice, torture,lonliness,grief. OPUS has learnt them how to fight with HIV/AIDS. How to prevent HIV/AIDS by adopting safesex. It seems as decided by their destiny that a male child of a sexworkers becomes broker and a female child ofthe sexworkers becomes sexworker. OPUS is managing a children home for their children namely MY KID WORLD where 20 chiuldren of the sexworkers are residing.


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Abharani choudhury - secretary of our organisation